Alexi Dankeith is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, D.PSc.  She is a life coach, an energy healing expert as well as an intuitive massage therapist.  Through her work, she helps her clients live a life of good health, clear purpose and abundance.

Since the 80’s, Alexi started on a spiritual path that helped her discover how long-term healing is possible through self-awareness that transforms old, programmed beliefs and behaviors. Her clients have shifted their old patterns and moved on to create lives full of vitality and fulfillment for themselves and their families.

Alexi has creatively married technology and energy medicine to create a beautiful haven that draws people from all over the San Diego Area and beyond.

A major part of Alexi’s personal healing practice includes the use of The Emotion Code, created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. This system helps you identify and release trapped emotions that may be held at the cellular level of your body.  This work allows you to reclaim your life, enjoy better health and ultimately experience more freedom in your life.

Please call Alexi at 760-213-5022 to schedule an appointment.