Carol McIntyre

Over 35 years ago I started my journey into holistic health and healing.  At that time holistic modalities were far from main stream. Slowly and with a lot of effort I found my way and enjoyed many years of success in my practice.

I studied many things over the years but my focus was mostly energy work and body work.  I was forced to retire a couple of years ago due to the effects of Huntington’s disease. I could no longer physically do the work. Recently I began a new treatment that has brought me back much of my function. I am thrilled beyond words to be able to return to work at Return to Wholeness.  (Sooo Happy)!! 

My sessions are always Energy based.

My specialties are:                                                                                                       

  • Animal Whisperer – Dogs, Cats, and Farm animals. (I come to your home)
  • Reflexology –  Hands, feet, (I work at Return to Wholeness}
  • Energy Healing – (I work at Return to Wholeness or your home)
  • Home Energy Clearing – I work at your home.