Hi! My name is Robin Almaas. I’m here at ‘Return to Wholeness’ to practice the process called “Soul Memory Discovery”. Since I began in 2008 I have found it to be truly the most powerful energy work I’ve ever experienced.

Based on sacred language, we create a container with words, and just as in alchemy changes are created within it. When you say the magic words in sacred space amazing things happen. I have seen real miracles manifest through this practice. Locks are opened resulting in permanent healing.

My relationship with Magic and Spirit began about 1986. I checked out some books from the library and the more I learned the more I wanted to read. Today I practice magic and worship our Mother Goddess of the Earth, Mother Nature.

Through an organization called “Covenant of the Goddess” I have been able to hold ministerial credentials as an Elder Priestess since 2006. I’m very proud of my commitment to serve the Divine in its many facets.

I look forward to meeting new people and changing lives! (It’s really that good!)

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I hope to meet YOU soon!

Thank you!

Blessed Be