Thank you for taking the time to check out what I have to offer. I have spent the last year living in Sedona, AZ. I went through a holistic addiction recovery program which launched me on my path of spiritual growth and healing. I have overcome addiction and strive to be a support to those who are still suffering. I dedicated this past year to healing my body, mind and soul on a deep level.

I left Sedona because I was called to come back home to San Diego and continue my work here. I am in complete trust that I make a difference in this world and I am guided on a higher level.  I am called to hold space for those who are suffering in any sense of that word whether it be cancer, illness, addiction, pain, etc. I believe that we are all capable of accessing our true calling and following our higher self but we have to be willing to do the work. I now have the tools to share with you on how I got to living in a place of unconditional love and trust. I have created my own style of healing through what I have learned on my healing journey using Shamanic tools, essential oils, and energy healing followed by life coaching. . It is important to get into the mind state of a positive flow to really receive the healing of others and I would be honored to share my wisdom with you. We are all equal and we are all love. As a collective we can dissolve any past trauma stored in our body and chose a higher path.

“The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.” -Albert Einstein



Reiki/ Energy Clearing– removing blocks, negativity, stagnant energy, getting back in the flow

Specializing in illness recovery, cancer, any kind of pain to the body and mind. I can hold space for those who are going through traumatic life events and bring back peace and light into their lives. If you are at the end of your journey I can hold space for you to do your surrender work and get to a place of acceptance and peace.


I have created my own line of essential oil blends sourcing our plant medicine from our farms in Sedona, AZ and Kenya. Our essences are pure unconditional light and love. We strive to make our essences with the highest vibration possible by distilling through 14k gold as well as blessing each drop with intentions and healing. I can customize a specific blend for your healing needs on your journey that will help support you through your process.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Awareness, changing our beliefs, self love, creating the life you deserve, specializing in addiction recovery, trauma release, and taking charge of your life.

I will also be bringing Woman Arising from Sedona, AZ to San Diego. I will be starting up a chapter here and doing a weekly women’s empowerment group.

In the past I have been a very insecure woman in San Diego and this is a very important piece for me. It is about creating a tribe and growing together as one. There is no competition or separation. We hold space for each other to use our voice and to step into our role and power. It is time to stop playing small and safe and to be fierce and alive in our tribe.

My main mission is to truly create a space of unconditional love and to really understand that WE ARE ALL ONE. We are all connected and when the love and unity flows together we can all step up and shift this world. To feel each others’ strength and learn what drives us forward. To create our vision and all stand together. It doesn’t matter where you are on in your spiritual path we are all equal. We are one.

Also, Jamie Hall with be doing sound healing during the groups with her singing bowls. She has beautiful gifts to share with the group and I am honored to have her to guide us with her magic and love through sound.

Check out to see how empowering this group is. Woman Arising is a beautiful retreat that happens in Sedona once a year and I was honored to be a part of it last year.  Zeffi Shakti Devi is our beautiful event coordinator and goddess sister. This amazing group of women changed my life and I am so excited to created this tribe with the woman of San Diego! Sisters, please join me in creating this sacred space for all of us as a collective. We will rise and thrive together as one.

Price List

  • Essential 0il Custom Blend for your specific healing needs-$50/5 ml $100/15 ml
  • Women’s Empowerment Group-$25
  • Psychic Reading/Card Reading– 1 hour $65
  • Swedish Massage- 1 hour  $65
  • Deep Tissue Massage– 1 hour $75
  • Aromatherapy Massage using my line of essential oils created in Sedona AZ. Pure therapeutic grade essence from the healing land. 1 hour $85
  • Massage/Aromatherapy/Energy Clearing Combo– 1 ½ hour $125

This is my signature treatment using all of my healing tools for ultimate healing and relaxation.

  • Reiki energy clearing using essential oils and spirit water created in Sedona, AZ. 1 1/2 hour $125
  • Spiritual Life Coaching 1 hour $65
  • Ultimate Healing Package $250

A combination of sound healing bowls, essential oils, spirit water, energy clearing, and meditation.   This powerful treatment is facilitated by two energy healers who are completely in sync with each other using divine feminine energy and balancing.

Its time to take your life back and stand in your power. The time is NOW! Let’s stand and rise as a collective and create a peaceful world. Those who do their work and awaken are also awakening others.

For more info or questions please contact me

Light and love to all

Also I offer a sliding scale so please don’t let money stand in your way from being the person you are destined to be. Let’s do this! If any of these services resonate with you please reach out to me and we will make it happen.

Aho, Ahay