Shanna Ball is a Holistic Wellness Therapist for her company, Lifestyle: WELLNESS. She began as a mobile business in 2012. She has over 16 years of experience – attained through life, the people she’s met along the way, education, and putting it all into practice.

Originally from Wisconsin, she received her Bachelors of Science in Recreation Management, creating and implementing a variety of recreational activities from sports to after school activities and weekend events. In 2006, she moved to Arizona where she continued her education. In January, 2011, she completed her Master’s in Holistic Nutrition, and by December, 2011, she had her AZ license in Massage Therapy. Shanna believes that nutrition is the root of optimal health; and she has an innate sense and belief in the healing power of touch.

Back in 2001, Shanna began her practice and study in yoga. Really experiencing the positive influence yoga was having on her exercise training and mindset of life, she continued taking a variety of yoga classes and workshops, broadening her practice and increasing her knowledge. Shanna has been teaching yoga on and off since 2012, and in 2016, she was excited to complete her RYT 200, from an accredited school. She is registered with Yoga Alliance, an internationally recognized credentialing system. Shanna has experienced a variety of yoga classes, her favorites being vinyasa and yin – because sometimes she likes the quicker breath to movement pace of vinyasa to build up her heart rate creating a nice detoxing sweat, while other times she appreciates the deep stretching of the fascia and relaxation experienced through yin yoga!

Shanna has found a great appreciation in the therapeutic values of essential oils since she began using them in 2008, while experiencing the discomfort of shingles. The oils helped with the pain and healing process and now she has an oil for practically any condition – just ask her.

She also appreciates the benefits of a well-rounded physical fitness regime, while building a community with other like-minded individuals. One of the best places she has ever experienced both was at a CrossFit gym. That experience pushed her to complete the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification in 2013.

Shanna moved to San Diego in the summer of 2014. Currently, she is taking science courses at a local college to fulfill her pre-requisites into the Naturopathic Medical Doctor program. She will attend one of the accredited Naturopathic universities in either San Diego or Phoenix, AZ. She aspires to complete her education as a Naturopathic Doctor by 2022, and then continue on to help even more people using a bigger tool box and wider scope to her holistic therapies. She is working diligently to fulfill this goal!

Shanna is a CA state Certified Massage Therapist. She coaches people on Holistic Nutrition/Wellness, essential oil use, and yoga fitness. These are her innate gifts and she wants to share them with you. She is currently taking appointments in all of these areas. If you want to experience a holistic approach to your wellness – an approach that actually works for a lifetime – you’ll find Shanna’s passions for healing, helping and educating others on holistic wellness therapies to be a strong asset to your own personal health, to your family’s health and one of the best decisions you’ve ever made! Shanna’s motto is, “Experience wellness and pass it on.” She does this every day and hopes for you to do the same! For more information and to schedule an appointment, call her now at 928-216-0473.