Holistic Counseling

These sessions provide a safe place for you to experience deep and lasting healing at all levels; body, mind and spirit.  It is believed that these three levels of our being are inseparable.  We cannot heal one without addressing all three.

Holistic Counseling embraces the belief that each of us has the innate ability to heal ourselves at all levels.   To do this we must rid ourselves of toxins while providing healthy and nurturing sustenance at all levels of our being.  This includes body (food, rest, exercise), mind (thoughts, beliefs and patterns) and spirit (emotions, connection to source/higher power and consciousness).  The concept is simple.  Living it is not so easy.

In these sessions you are  assisted in identifying dysfunctional (toxic) beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.  Once identified you are supported to release and replace these dysfunctional beliefs with more affirming and functional (healthy and nurturing) ones.



If you are interested in becoming who you really are, call Debbie Hall, RN, HHP at (858) 243-5632 to schedule an appointment.